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The Kitty Corner: An Interview With Raquel Stecher of “Out of the Past”

The Kitty Packard Pictorial is pleased to be back with another installment of “The Kitty Corner,” a series spotlighting some of the very best film blogs on the web, and the masterminds behind them. Today, The Pictorial sits down with Raquel Stecher of “Out Of The Past.”A book industry professional based out of Boston, Stecher’s blog has chronicled her growth as a film fan–a fascinating, insightful journey that she’s been sharing with readers for over six years. Stecher sat down with the Pictorial to discuss the impact classic films have had on her life

Let’s start off with a bit of background. Anyone who follows your blog knows that you’ve been running the classic film blog “Out of the Past” for over six years now. Would you care to tell us about how and why you decided to take your love of film to blogging?

I started my blog years ago out of a desperate need to talk about classic movies to someone—anyone. I had so much to say and only one person to talk to, my coworker Frank. And I was already talking his ear off. I needed an outlet and “Out of the Past” was born.

So then classic movies, up that point, had been pretty much an isolated experience for you?

Yes. I get really passionate about my interests and if I can’t find many people to share those interests with, I’m OK with that. But there was something about classic movies. I needed to watch them and talk about them. I really wanted to find other people who shared my interest and would listen to me. Read more ►

The Kitty Corner: An Interview with Ivan Shreve of THE THRILLING DAYS OF YESTERYEAR

The Kitty Packard Pictorial is pleased to be back with another installment of the Kitty Corner, a new series spotlighting some of the very best film blogs on the web, and the masterminds behind them. This time, The Pictorial sits down with Ivan Shreve, whose blog Thrilling Days of Yesteryear is one of the most exhaustive, eclectic, entertaining blogs on film and nostalgia in existence. Shreve, who also serves as the associate editor over at ClassicFlix (Netflix for the classic movie buff), has been exploring the depths of classic film and nostalgic television and radio since 2006, and he graciously agreed to sit down with The Pictorial for a stroll down memory lane.

 THE KITTY PACKARD PICTORIAL:  So, to start off with a bit of poetic waxing: Your blog Thrilling Days of Yesteryear was one of the first blogs that I stumbled across when I first ventured into the blogosphere, and the sheer scope of it awed me– still does! Just how would you describe Thrilling Days of Yesteryear and why does it exist? Read more ►

Pictorial Palette: Natalie Wood

Long overdue doesn’t even begin to explain just how LONG long has been since our last Pictorial Palette. So long, in fact, I feel it requires a re-introduction is necessary to any who might be new to the Pictorial. From the Pictorial Palette’s inaugural post in 2010:

Henri Matisse once said, “With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.”

That being the case, I do not hesitate to say that movie color is without doubt some of the beautiful magic ever conjured. And given its proven abilities to brighten even the grayest of days, the Pictorial is implementing a weekly color palette, sampled off a film (or production) still from Hollywood’s Golden Age. One of the Pictorial’s missions is to always try and look at the world through Technicolor glasses–yes, even a world as problematic as ours– and it is our hope  that these little swaths of color will provide a needed burst of energy– perhaps even inspire a smidge of creativity–to infuse and rejuvenate the weekly drudge.”
Read more ►

The “I TOTALLY F***ING LOVE THIS MOVIE” Blogathon: Febraury 22-24

You know what they are. Those movies. The ones we  conveniently slide to the back of our movie collection to keep our friends from knowing just how truly psychopathic we are. Or, for the more emotionally well-adjusted among us, proudly display front and center. Where it belongs.

We completely, totally, absolutely, unconditionally love every last frame of it. In fact, we effing love every last frame of it. This is the film we tune into on the days we’re depressed, deranged, delirious, or just plain determined to numb the pain out of this hurtful existence we call the 21st century. It’s the Bad Day At Work movie. It’s the My Ex Is A Total Jerkface movie. It’s the OMG I Totally Got The Job movie. It’s the I Just Paid My Rent And Still Have Money For Chinese Take-Out movie. Read more ►

2011 Best of the Blogathons RoundUp

There were many things about 2011 I’d rather forget, and am quite eager to sweep under the rug and write off as a (semi) total loss.

It was, however, a fantastic year for bloggers. And especially so for the classic film community– a niche that hitherto has been of a largely insular nature, existing on the fringes of filmdom, never quite enjoying a resounding presence in its own right. An eclectic makeup of film theorists, essayists, historians, fanboys and fangirls, visual artists, poets, and everything in between, classic film enthusiasts the enjoyed a real renaissance in 2011 and can confidently start the new year with a newly defined sense of community. (And if that’s overstating things, it is only because I believe we have every reason to start the new year with a newly defined sense of community!)

The exponential growth of social media has made it possible to nurture a culture of mutual respect and graciousness within the blogging community, resulting in work that is enlightening, enlivening and always entertaining. Read more ►