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The “I TOTALLY F***ING LOVE THIS MOVIE” Blogathon: Febraury 22-24

You know what they are. Those movies. The ones we  conveniently slide to the back of our movie collection to keep our friends from knowing just how truly psychopathic we are. Or, for the more emotionally well-adjusted among us, proudly display front and center. Where it belongs.

We completely, totally, absolutely, unconditionally love every last frame of it. In fact, we effing love every last frame of it. This is the film we tune into on the days we’re depressed, deranged, delirious, or just plain determined to numb the pain out of this hurtful existence we call the 21st century. It’s the Bad Day At Work movie. It’s the My Ex Is A Total Jerkface movie. It’s the OMG I Totally Got The Job movie. It’s the I Just Paid My Rent And Still Have Money For Chinese Take-Out movie. Read more ►

Greetings from Kitty Packard

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