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2011 Best of the Blogathons RoundUp

There were many things about 2011 I’d rather forget, and am quite eager to sweep under the rug and write off as a (semi) total loss.

It was, however, a fantastic year for bloggers. And especially so for the classic film community– a niche that hitherto has been of a largely insular nature, existing on the fringes of filmdom, never quite enjoying a resounding presence in its own right. An eclectic makeup of film theorists, essayists, historians, fanboys and fangirls, visual artists, poets, and everything in between, classic film enthusiasts the enjoyed a real renaissance in 2011 and can confidently start the new year with a newly defined sense of community. (And if that’s overstating things, it is only because I believe we have every reason to start the new year with a newly defined sense of community!)

The exponential growth of social media has made it possible to nurture a culture of mutual respect and graciousness within the blogging community, resulting in work that is enlightening, enlivening and always entertaining. Read more ►

Congratulations to "Harlean's Heyday"

We’re a few days late, but the Pictorial finally has a winner in the giveaway sweepstakes for the Jean Harlow Blogathon.

If you’ll recall, to cap of Harlow’s Centenary Celebration, all participants in the blogathon were eligible to win a copy of the new book Harlow in Hollywood: The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital. The book had it’s launch party on Wednesday night at the grand opening of Harlow 100: the new Jean Harlow exhibit at the Max Factor Museum. Mark Vieira and Darrell Rooney, those consummate gentlemen, were  duly delighted by the terrific turnout (as was I) and it was great to mingle with the new fans (my colleagues from the Director’s Guild), right along with the old fans (the inimitable Lisa Burks).

Every last blogger for baby deserves a copy of this book, but the roulette wheel of chance has smiled upon blogstress Riika who runs the lovely Harlean’s Heyday blog.

Congratulations, Riikka and a final heartfelt THANK YOU to all who did so much over the past week.

The queue outside.

The swanky Hollywood 'do inside.

The Max Factor lobby -- an art deco dream

Paul Bern's commissioned mural of Jean with friends in a medieval setting. On display for THE first time.

The delightful Lisa Burks and myself, shoulder to shoulder with Jean :

a group of good friends and I went hogwild at the museum, a place we’d never paid visit to before, and outside of Jean’s exhibit, had a tremendous time bolting all over the building to oogle and ooh and ahh and the memorabilia.

My coworker and photo editor extraordinare channeling Colbert's fringe...

Another coworker and film guru, getting personal with Mr. Lancaster.

Me with my best gal: Jean

The Jean Harlow Blogathon: That's a Wrap!

The book Harlow in Hollywood: The Blonde Bombshell in the Glamour Capital has now officially been released which means that the Jean Harlow Blogathon has officially wrapped. We’re plum tuckered out, yes, but wishing this week would have lasted forever.

Bye, Bye, Pretty Baby

So many incredible people from all over the world turned out and to show their support for darling Jean– classic film lovers young and old, new fans and seasoned vets.

The Pictorial would like to thank the gracious Lisa Burks for her tireless work this week, authors Darrell Rooney and Mark Vieira and, of course, every last one of you out there who rallied together to blog it for Baby.

I’m filled with pride to be part of such a terrific community of film lovers and classic Hollywood enthusiasts. As long as all of us keep our passions bright at heart, the golden world of Harlow’s Hollywood will never truly disappear.

We’ll be announcing the winner of the free copy of Harlow in Hollywood this Wednesday, March 9, at the premiere of the new Jean Harlow museum exhibit at the Max Factor Museum — so keep an eye out!

And don’t forget to support Jean all this month on Turner Classic Movies!

Signing off for the Jean Harlow Blogathon,

The Kitty Packard Pictorial


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The Jean Harlow Blogathon: Day 6 & 7

Bye, bye pretty baby

I really can’t believe the last day of the Jean Harlow Blogathon is here. So much thought and planning and preparation and excitement and now… it’s nearly over. It’s been a heck of a great ride, and the contributions that poured in from all over the world have been, in a word, superlative.

The entire point of this Blogathon has been to help keep Harlow’s legend–and Harlow’s  Hollywood– alive. And even though 7 decades have passed since her final film, this Blogathon has proved that Harlow’s white hot flame is as bright and clear as ever–  something that could not be possible without bloggers like all of you who participated this week. The depth and complexity of her personal life freed from the shackles of sensationalism and her body of work the subject of serious appreciation and study. Finally, it truly feels like Harlean Carpenter’s life and legacy is being treated with the respect that so sadly eluded her in real life.

What a stirring tribute this week has been– I only hope it has been as much fun for all of you as it has been for us.

And to Harlean herself… we all love you!

Right, enough of the eulogizing, on to the fun stuff:

Harlean’s Heyday

What can I say about Riiki at Harlean’s Heyday? She is such a terrific blogger and her contributions to this Blogathon have been superb. Her last entry fot the Blogathon is her best. “Like an Uncensored Movie” is a fascinating history of the Production Code:

Red-Headed Woman features content that might come away as shocking even to contemporary audiences. It not only depicts vice but also glorifies it, a fact that is emphasised by its unapologetic ending. As Doherty puts it: “Virtually every diegetic ellipsis in the film is occupied by the certainty that Lil and the man she was with in the prior scene have spent the interim in an illicit sexual encounter.” Any imaginative gaps are filled by subsequent, sexually suggestive dialogue. “There we were like an uncensored movie,” Lil gloats in one scene.


The Platinum Page
If anyone has been a champion of this Blogathon, it’s been Lisa Burks. This truly lovely lady and all-around superstar has, for her final entry to the Blogathon, rounded up a collection of her personal favorite YouTube video tributes to Harlow.

Don’t wince at the term “youtube tributes”– Lisa’s selection of videos are extremely well done!


Vintage Powder Room
It is highly fitting that Vintage Powder Room, a blog dedicated to vintage cosmetics and accessories, conjure a  post all about beauty… Harlow style. Joan is with The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles and her proclivity for prose makes for a highly enjoyable read:

Jean Harlow was a cotton candy confection of a woman, but she never seemed aloof or unapproachable. She often wore a smile, if little else, and her eyes were full of intelligence, warmth, and humor.  She will be forever mourned.

Hear, hear!

(read more)



More photos from the prolific Kevin at Clarosureaux. He’ll be dedicating most of the month of March to Harlow, so just because the Blogathon is ending doesn’t mean Kevin’s work is done! MUCH more beautiful work to come from his inspired hand. Have fun checking out the latest!


Old Movie Nostalgia

Old Movie Nostalgia joins in for the final day of the fete with a Tribute to Harlow that brings attention to how dearly loved she was by her crew, co-workers and, really, anyone who happened to know her:

A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Although she was never motivated by stardom or fame, if Emerson’s quote was being applied to movie stars, it seems that Jean Harlow could be considered one Hollywood’s biggest stars. The kind words that have been spoken of her over the years by her many friends speak to what a wonderful person she was…

(read more)


Rob Stevens

Rob Stevens from Holland also jumps in with a last minute nod to the baby. Thanks, Rob!



Shadowplay, wonderful Shadowplay, is back and giving its much-loved Intertitle of the Day to a Laurel & Hardy/Harlow silent Double Whoopee. “Might I presume that you would condescend to accept my escortage” Ollie asks of Jean. And if you’ve seen this classic short, you know what happens next…


Row Three

Oh, Row Three… how I do heart thee. Jandy, one of Row Three’s regular contributors, stepped up to bat for Harlow with “Jean Harlow- The Original Smart Blonde“… a title that is, absolutely, my favorite of the entire week.

If  Hollywood luminaries’ lives lasted a length commensurate with the brightness of their stars, Jean Harlow would have been blowing out her own candles for her 100th birthday yesterday. As it is, the opposite is often true, and Harlow died much before her time at the age of 26, leaving behind a timeless legacy in her brief nine years as a Hollywood actress, comedienne, and sex symbol. ..


The Hollywood Revue

Angela from The Hollywood Revue has been one of the biggest supporters of this Blogathon and we give her a hearty THANK YOU. For her final entry, she reviews Bombshell, a film generally regarded to be one of Harlow’s finest films. (I happen to agree with Angela’s preference to Libeled Lady. Glad to know I’m not the only one!)


The New Jersey Star-Ledger

Stephen Whitty of the New Jersey Star-Ledger has been so kind as to submit a solid profile of Harlow in honor of her centenary. We are absolutely delighted that the Star-Ledger is interested in the Blogathon and proudly add them to our Blogroll:
Once Hollywood invented itself, it began to invent archetypes. William S. Hart was the Good Bad Man. Rudolph Valentino was the Latin Lover. Gary Cooper was the Quiet American.

And Jean Harlow was, simply, the Blonde, the woman who wasn’t as dumb as she looked (or any better than she had to be), the kind who was willing to take a man as he was (or maybe just take him) — a laughing, brassy, no-regrets bombshell.


Comets Over Hollywood

Comets Over Hollywood gets a post in just under the wire and I’m quite pleased: it’s the only entry that tackles the infamous 1965 film Harlow. The post begins with the words “I have just finished the worst movie ever.” Heartily agreed, mate. Even if the film’s subject hadn’t been about Harlow, it would still stand out as probably the worst period film ever made. If you cringed at the Victorian costumes in the 194o version of Georgian-era Pride and Prejudice… Harlow will send you into convulsions. Bouffant hair? Check. Austin Powers rotating bed? Check. 60s muzak soundtrack? Check. Read The Battling Carols for a full critique.

Jean Harlow Sizzles as Star of the Month

star of the month

I’m sure you’ve all probably seen this, but I was so wowed by it just had to do a quick lil’ post. TCM’s advert for Jean Harlow as Star of the Month is seriously sizzling. No holds barred sexy as hell.

Well done, TCM. You will never cease to amaze: