Judy, Judy, Judy

Judy, Judy, Judy.

Contrary to popular opinion, Cary Grant may never have coined the above phrase, but no other will do when talking about Judy Garland. My Grandpappy was a Sherrif for the L.A.P.D back in the ’50s and had many a colorful tale about the woman … but … no matter her private life or flaws, we are ALL flawed.  And few possess Judy’s inimitable talent. This clip from George Cukor’s A Star is Born, “The Man That Got Away”, as well-known as it is, never ceases to jerk my tears. From a twelve year old with the voice of an angel, in whose path like nothing but possibility, by 1954 she’d become something of a fallen idol about to reclaim her throne as entertainer extraordinaire in this four minute stretch of celluloid.

But was it worth the price?

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