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The I F***ing Love This Movie Blogathon Blogroll

OK, kids. Now that The Oscars are over (and whether you were #TeamArgo or #TeamLincoln or #TeamIDreamedADream, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s good riddance to this year’s particular brand of Awards season drama…) it’s time for a bit of entertainment that is all about NOT judging and embracing our … erm … wide range of … tastes.

Over the weekend, the Kitty Packard Pictorial played host to the I F***ing Love This Movie Blogathon,… which was, admittedly, bad timing for film fans (myself included) who were consumed with the Oscar frenzy (hence the day late post). But believe it or not, there were a few of you bloggers our there  who were still able to make time to stop and get real.

Let the blogroll commence!

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The MadMen of TCM: A Greatest Hits Mix-Tape

Classic film fans have, over the past several years, embraced an emerging, and vibrant, niche community.  This is highly evident right here in the blogosphere where, if I do say so myself, the very finest blogs on the interwebs are those manned by classic film fans (Shameless plug for Hollywood Revue, Backyard Fence, Out of the Past, True Classics, MovieStar MakeoverSales on Film, Filmoria, and so many many many more amaaaaazing blogs  — all of these and many more will rock your black and white world.) But the unsurpassed leader  of this long-surpressed niche, is the cable network Turner Classic Movies.

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Greetings from Kitty Packard

The Kitty Packard Review is a fusion of past and present with a focus on both modern and classic film, music, art, literature and travel with plenty of ‘tude thrown in besides.

You may love it here, you may hate it here, but regardless …. welcome!