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Last Remaining Seats 2009

The Los Angeles Conservancy has announced the dates for its 23rd Annual Last Remaining Seats Series. Every summer, the Last Remaining Seats opens up the exquisite, historical movie palaces of Downtown LA’s Broadway Theatre district to movie lovers for a series of special screenings.  The Theatre District This year, we get another terrific slate of films including A Street Car Named Desire, The Sting and Pandora’s Box.  Downtown’s Theatre District is home to twelve movie palaces that were all constructed during a 20-year period in the early 20th century, at the frenzied heights of the city’s early domination of the entertainment industry.  The buildings are called movie palaces for a reason, as past impresarios such as Sid Grauman were dedicated to creating an environment that was every bit as exciting as the action on the screen and so we have places like The Million Dollar, The Palace, The Rialto and The Orpheum. These are extraordinary pieces of living history saved from the wrecking ball by the noble souls at The Los Angeles Conservancy—a true miracle considering the City of Los Angeles’ track record of erasing its own physical history.  And so every year we celebrate this feat with the Last Remaining Seats Series—an opportunity to bask in the glory of these beauties, watching films that matter, presented to the public by people who care.

The lineup for 2009 is as follows:

May 27 – The Sting @The Orpheum
June 3   – Buck Privates @The Million Dollar
June 10  – Cabaret @The Los Angeles Theatre
June 17  – Macunaima @The Million Dollar Theatre
June 24  - A Streetcar Named Desire @The Los Angeles Theatre
July 1  – Pandora’s Box @The Orpheum

Screenings are Wednesdays at 8PM sharp. For tickets visit their website.

Topol is Back!

topol_tevye1You may have already caught wind of this, but what a treat for those who haven’t yet heard: Chaim Topol will be reprising his much beloved role of Tevye in the 2009 national tour of Fiddler on the Roof. Playbill released the announcement in November and states that the new Equity tour is expected to be a more traditional approach to the musical and will be largely in keeping with Jerome Robbins’ original staging. (Yay!)

The tour will hit Newark, Detroit, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, San Diego, Providence, Memphis, Pittsburgh, Houston, Tampa, Seattle and beyond, so keep an eye out!