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2013 TCM Classic Film Festival: Thanks For The Memories!

Still the new kid on the film festival circuit, the TCM Classic Film Festival is already the classiest name in the game— its mannerly, friendly and well-presented cinephiles from all over the globe are a glaring anomaly on the Boulevard. Their vocabulary is incomprehensible to the uninitiated (words like “pre-code” and “mise-en-scene”) and the fangirling and fanboying (of which there is much) is for people who, by and large, have been gone for decades. In other words, this is a film festival that is, in the truest sense of the word, about film. This is not a Sundance or a Cannes or a Telluride where the most exciting part of the event is the swag bag and industry hobnobbing. No sir, at the TCM Classic Film Festival, the audiences are there for one thing only: to revel in the shimmery nitrate glow, the popping Technicolor dreaminess, and the gritty nourish shadows of classic movies. Here, Octogenarians are rock stars, and even 20-somethings are in reverent awe of these remarkable living legends. Laughter, tears, applause, boos and cheers often fill the theater walls, and the ever-diminishing collectivity of the movie going experience is once again in full bloom. Even films that one has seen before are made new again by the transformative experience of a movie theater. And yet the festival programming also challenges its guests by offering rarely screened gems that make this festival more than a mere nostalgic romp: it’s also one of personal discovery. Read more ►

The MadMen of TCM: A Greatest Hits Mix-Tape

Classic film fans have, over the past several years, embraced an emerging, and vibrant, niche community.  This is highly evident right here in the blogosphere where, if I do say so myself, the very finest blogs on the interwebs are those manned by classic film fans (Shameless plug for Hollywood Revue, Backyard Fence, Out of the Past, True Classics, MovieStar MakeoverSales on Film, Filmoria, and so many many many more amaaaaazing blogs  — all of these and many more will rock your black and white world.) But the unsurpassed leader  of this long-surpressed niche, is the cable network Turner Classic Movies.

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James Cagney in Blonde Crazy: The Ultimate Bad-Ass

I love bad-asses. No, not this newfangled generation’s overinflated sense of importance that has managed to give every Tom Dick or Harry the belief that, because of the number of Facebook friends they have or the number of people who follow them on Twitter that they are bad-asses.

No. You’re not. You know why?

Because THIS guy could knock the stuffing out of your designer-label-wearing LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME I’M SUCH A BAD ASS narcissistic kisser. Read more ►

The Summer Under the Stars Blogathon!

Movie Stars, as we’ve come to know them, no longer exist. They simply no longer exist. Oh sure, movie stars are still alive, from Debbie Reynolds to Robert Redford to Brad Pitt, but they are the last of an entire civilization that has since gone with the wind. 15-minute celebrity culture has gouged this once untouchable kingdom of smoke-and-mirror majesty and has left it hemorrhaging. The younger generation now define “celebrity” not with exclusion, but inclusion. Warhol was right. Anyone can be a celebrity. Nothing is truly unattainable. YouTube vids, internet memes, blogs, twitter profiles– we live in a world where any average Joe or Jane on the street has the potential of becoming the next “big thing”, literally overnight. And, more often than not, the spotlight fades just as suddenly as it shone. (Antoine Dodson, anyone?) This fact has completely relegated the role of the “movie star” in our society to the annals of history. Read more ►

Welcome Robert Osborne Back December 1st — Be There or Be Square!

Welcome Back Bob has generated a flurry of activity over on Twitter and Tumblr– thanks to any and all who have turned out to voice their support of Mr. Robert Osborne’s return to TCM. Since today is the big day, The Pictorial is letting its readers know that at 8PM Eastern Standard Time, when Osborne hits the airwaves, we are co-hosting a massive Live Tweet.

If by chance you are a Twitter user, please do log on at 8PM EST and post a quick tweet welcoming him back. (And don’t forget to use the hash tag #WelcomeBackBob so we can find you!) If you don’t have a twitter account, do feel free to send your thoughts to the Pictorial and we shall post it for you.

Happy Tweeting!