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Deanna Durbin: A Fan Remembers

The Pictorial is both pleased and honored to present a tender, candid tribute to the late, great Deanna Durbin, from guest writer Nic Emiliano Santiago. Durbin, who passed away last week at the age of 91, was one of the last surviving movie stars of the 1930s and was a childhood favorite of mine and I had wanted to do something special to celebrate her life and career, but after chatting with Nic about her passing I realized that any attempt on my behalf to truly honor her legend would fall woefully short of what he would be able to bring to the table.

Durbin was his all-time favorite movie star, and his lifelong affection for her is beautifully put to pen in this moving memoir that demands your immediate attention.

Thank you, Nic, for sharing your story with us.


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We’ve Been Liebstered! (I didn’t know what it meant either…)

The Liebster AwardThe Kitty Packard Pictorial has been Liebstered! C’est a dire, we’ve been presented with the “Liebster Blog” award from one of our favorite fellow film fanatics, The Lady Eve Sidwich, the cinemaven behind The Lady Eve’s Reel Life. Take a sampling of her recent posts and you’ll see exactly why this blog stands so well out of the crowd. From a profile of legendary art director Lyle Wheeler, to a portrait of early Hollywood playground Catalina Island to serious critical analysis of rarely seen screen gems, Eve’s Reel Life is  at once intelligent and academic, yet wonderfully entertaining.

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