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The Tie That Binds: Barbara Stanwyck in Union Pacific

The words “Barbara Stanwyck is one of the greatest film actress of all time” have been repeated so often they risk coming across as mere rote. And so, the attempt to put into words an appreciation for such a weighty force is daunting to say the least. The classic film blog The Girl with the White Parasol, however, is giving it a damn fine shot with a week-long tribute to the much beloved Stanny with the Barbara Stanwyck Blogathon– of which this post is part.

As the ultimate actor’s actor, Stanwyck’s face, voice, and very form of being comprise the performances that pioneered the path for every single female performer in her wake. Surely Stanwyck had her equals– Bette Davis. Ingrid Bergman. Katharine Hepburn.

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Shirley? You Jest.

This post is in conjunction with the “Funny Ladies Blogathon,” hosted this weekend at Movies Silently. Head on over to the blogathon page to check out the many, many wonderful tributes to greatest funny gals of all time.

Surely there were plenty of funny ladies I loved before Shirley. Growing up, I Love Lucy was a daily ritual, just as The Carol Burnett Show was a sacred rite. And on primetime TV, well, the very best comedies all starred women: we had our pick of powerhouses like Murphy Brown and Roseanne. But, those were all TV shows. When it came to the movies, all of my favorite funny people were the fellas. At 12 I’d already discovered Chaplin and Keaton, The Marx Brothers and Danny Kaye, and I adored all of them. Of course, there are countless screen comediennes, but in this girl’s life, the one who came first and knocked me square over the head was Shirley MacLaine.

Of course, she’s really not exactly famous for being a straight up ‘comedienne.’ She’s the Oscar-winning actress from Terms of Endearment and countless other roles that have, rightly, won her a spot as one of cinema’s most accomplished dramatic actresses. And yet, even in those ‘serious’ roles, MacLaine’s uniquely wry, cutting wit punctuates even her most emotional performances. We laugh with MacLaine, even if it’s to hold back a tear. Read more ►

The Glamour of Grit: Classic Style in New Hollywood

By the late 1960s and early 1970s, that once radiant glow of Hollywood had dulled; the grand dream machine was a Miss Haversham of its former glory. Rot had set in on the studio system and was in a state of complete disrepair. The stars that once lit the celluloid galaxy had, if not fallen, were slowly dying off. Old Hollywood had hemorrhaged from the inside and its death blow was dealt in 1967, when a film about two notorious Depression-era bank robbers challenged the very notion of filmmaking and ushered in a new approach to making movies. From 1967 until around 1975, there was a revolution in the film industry that has come to be known as “New Hollywood”. New Hollywood cinema brought radical new sensibilities to filmmaking, blazing a trail to create the framework of the film industry that we know today. The studio system that had manufactured Hollywood glamour for decades had decayed to the point of collapse and the fresh, adventurous young mavericks– Arthur Penn, Francis Ford Coppola, William Friedkin– were pushing boundaries, challenging morality and not giving a damn.

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The I F***ing Love This Movie Blogathon Blogroll

OK, kids. Now that The Oscars are over (and whether you were #TeamArgo or #TeamLincoln or #TeamIDreamedADream, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s good riddance to this year’s particular brand of Awards season drama…) it’s time for a bit of entertainment that is all about NOT judging and embracing our … erm … wide range of … tastes.

Over the weekend, the Kitty Packard Pictorial played host to the I F***ing Love This Movie Blogathon,… which was, admittedly, bad timing for film fans (myself included) who were consumed with the Oscar frenzy (hence the day late post). But believe it or not, there were a few of you bloggers our there  who were still able to make time to stop and get real.

Let the blogroll commence!

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The “I TOTALLY F***ING LOVE THIS MOVIE” Blogathon: Febraury 22-24

You know what they are. Those movies. The ones we  conveniently slide to the back of our movie collection to keep our friends from knowing just how truly psychopathic we are. Or, for the more emotionally well-adjusted among us, proudly display front and center. Where it belongs.

We completely, totally, absolutely, unconditionally love every last frame of it. In fact, we effing love every last frame of it. This is the film we tune into on the days we’re depressed, deranged, delirious, or just plain determined to numb the pain out of this hurtful existence we call the 21st century. It’s the Bad Day At Work movie. It’s the My Ex Is A Total Jerkface movie. It’s the OMG I Totally Got The Job movie. It’s the I Just Paid My Rent And Still Have Money For Chinese Take-Out movie. Read more ►